Hi there!

Welcome to my weblog!!!

My name is Dean Ryan G. Martin, 23, and currently working as a web researcher/writer. Truth is, I am not really that expert in writing but luckily, I still get hired and I got a cool client… Hallelujah! But writing is my life. I can’t imagine how my life turned out to be without writing. I love writing although my grammar sucks oftentimes.

In fact, I am a member of http://www.writerstoyou.com This is an international website wherein you can publish your any creative writings absolutely for free! Try it, it’s cool and you can also meet good and cool writers there!

When I was five, I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis and it was a miracle that I am still alive until now without any psychosomatic disease. Yeah… I am somehow a miracle boy. It’s cool to be alive and still surviving the deep cruelties of life. Some people like me and some would only patronize me as if I’m a moth to a flame burned by the fire. Haha to those who belittle me– if I am a loser and worthless, so are you!!! Reality is, we are all losers but we can always have a choice to survive, right?

My life is always frustrating. It is not easy to be me. Yet, one thing is for sure- I am a survivor. Who knows? I can be rich and famous someday, (daydreaming is free anyway) I just hope that when that day comes, she will come back to me and ultimately become my better-half.

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